In this chic society our tradition went astray!

Recently, with a sip of coffee, I went down my memory lane. It has been a week since my daughter’s annual day at school, however, something is still pestering me. The thought that how our tradition is shirked today, keep haunting me. Everyone is enticed by the wonderland stories and theatre of spectacular opulence. Our tradition has lost its place in today’s tumult of fashion. And, most of the schools today leave tradition to its fate, doing little to resurrect it. My daughter’s school had invited all the parents cordially to their annual day. The annual day agenda was mostly occupied by the flamboyant dance shows, songs and dramas. However, what they forgot to imbibe in their soirĂ©e is some traditional dresses in India and animal costumes. Gone are the days when a drummer set his beat to the sound of kids running after them. Lost are those when monkeys dance at the rhythm of damru (small two-headed drum) and kids enjoy the moment buoyantly. Kids have no source of enjoying the

Saving My Friend From the Worries of Finding Traditional Dresses and Animal Costumes for her Daughter: A Satisfying Moment for Me

Small anecdote I was just recently sitting with a friend of mine. She is a mom of a 4 year old daughter and was looking quite worried. I asked her what happened. She exclaimed “Fancy dress! Where do I find a good one?” I could immediately understand her situation as I had been in the same boat the previous year when my daughter had needed fancy dresses. She continued “I have visited so many shops in nearby areas and have found no useful dress. Either the costume look is not up to the mark or the dress quality is unsatisfactory”. I immediately took out my tablet from my purse and opened a website. It was the popular online store BookMyCostume. This was the same web store from where I had purchased my costumes last year and had been very satisfied. My friend’s eyes lit up looking at the impressive BookMyCostume website. She asked me to show Rajasthani Traditional dresses for boys and girls. Looking at the pictures, she snatched the tablet from me and started browsing. The

Summers are for fun for Kids - Top 10 Ideas this Summer Vacation

For those of you who are thinking that the children are at home and constantly demand some entertainment from you, do not worry as we have all types of suggestions and tips that will help you keep your child busy & entertained. 1. Board games The classic board games are best in summers. Its too hot to step outside so children prefer sitting at home and playing ludo, snake & ladder, scrabble, chess, carom and many other board games. Check out more options here: Board Games Options 1 Board Games Options 2   2. Summer Camps There are multiple summer camps in all localities. Play schools and institutes offer various activities that make the children learn, enjoy, and remain engaged. 3. Art & Craft A well rounded child is one who has learns everything. Parents can mix learning with fun by involving kids in art and craft activities. Painting on canvas, on cloth with various forms of colors like crayons, watercolor, oil paints etc. really helps a child exp

Should Parents Say a "Please" to their Preschool-age Child?

Absolutely yes! It doesn’t harm at all to say a please to your child. As you know, we at BookMyCostume run an online business of kids costume rental and sale in India and so we interact with a lot of parents and children. So talking from our own experience, we have seen that kids who at a very young age are treated by their parents as equals who have their own unique thought process, viewpoint, mood, preference, and a way of doing things tend to be more intelligent and better developed. and believe us, kids brain develops very early so they do have their own strong choices. A “please” would mean that you are treating them with respect. Talking in a rude tone, or shouting to make your child do what you want is not right. In fact a child would learn from you, ape you, and somehow would start believing that shouting is the way to get things done. So if he/she wants a toy or not do something, he/she will use the same trick. Having peaceful conversations and reasoning is very i
Colorful Fancy Dress Competition Sharing this lovely kids fancy dress competition video in one of our playschools in India: For all such costume requirements, do visit -