Should Parents Say a "Please" to their Preschool-age Child?

Absolutely yes! It doesn’t harm at all to say a please to your child. As you know, we at BookMyCostume run an online business of kids costume rental and sale in India and so we interact with a lot of parents and children. So talking from our own experience, we have seen that kids who at a very young age are treated by their parents as equals who have their own unique thought process, viewpoint, mood, preference, and a way of doing things tend to be more intelligent and better developed. and believe us, kids brain develops very early so they do have their own strong choices. A “please” would mean that you are treating them with respect.

Talking in a rude tone, or shouting to make your child do what you want is not right. In fact a child would learn from you, ape you, and somehow would start believing that shouting is the way to get things done. So if he/she wants a toy or not do something, he/she will use the same trick. Having peaceful conversations and reasoning is very important for the general good feel at home as well.

Children of those parents who ask them which costume they want from our collection make them:
1. Learn decision making, 
2. Understand their preferences and rationale,
3. Learn what they want to wear or become, and 
4. Make kids learn taking ownership of their decision. 

We have seen that such kids end up winning their school fancy dress competitions much more and dance shows and excel in role plays and stage shows. Its amazing, they are so confident!

Treat your child as intelligent and thoughtful, because they are!


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